Opening a daily names chat group

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Hi, I work on a Helpdesk and use Skype For Business to open a daily IM chat in Skype every morning. 

I know how to create a group and open a group chat from this but I need to give the chat a name that everyone can see to differentiate it from any other group chats.

The only way I have found to do this is to open a new mail in Outlook, make it To someone in the group, create a chat title in the Subject field, click in the empty body of the email, hover over the name in the To field and select the IM icon to open a Skype chat.

I then add all the other users to the chat one at a time.


This seems a long and tedious way to do this every day.


So my question is, is there a faster way to do this with a few clicks? 

Being able to give the chat a title "Group Chat All Teams" is vital for my query.


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