Online video in PPT not playing automatically in SFB meeting for participants


Hi Guys,


When we click to play an online video (video from Youtube) in PPT while sharing the PPT in SFB meeting, it seems to be playing on the organizer computer, but not for participants.


It seems totally different from embedded local video in PPT (


Is it normal that it doesn't play for participants if the inserted video is from online?



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Are you talking about when you share the PowerPoint application, or when you upload the PowerPoint files into the meetings itself.



It's when sharing the PowerPoint presentation, the file has been uploaded to the meeting itself before the meeting starts. Thanks.

That's interesting. It might be that the meeting can't render external content such as the YouTube video.
What about if you do a quick test and instead attached a video from the PC as in the support article you linked to.
For the scenario embedding the video from the PC, it works just fine for everyone. ;)