New Skype for Business Community Champ


Hi there,
My name is Helbert and I’m one of the new Skype for Business community champ. I’m the principal engineering manager responsible for all the telephone number management for Skype for Business globally. Everything you can think of from number stock/availability, onboarding new markets to port numbers to and from Microsoft will show up in my radar (and touch “my” code). I’m also familiar with other aspect of Skype for Business, mainly around cloud PSTN and Cloud Conferencing and know pretty much all the developers, product owners and managers working in this area, so I can count on good help to shed some light at your questions.


I’m very passionate about making things right and always making them better, and this is why I volunteered (really volunteered) to be engaged with this community. I would love to hear your difficulties, feedback (and also compliments, end of the day I’m also a human ).


Please let me know how can I help and what you have in mind and I’ll do my best to be of any use.




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