New S4B Room Systems - Device Builds

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Finally caught up with the Ignite 2016 sessions and am so enthused at having decent S4B options for enabling the 'other 97%' of meeting rooms for better collaboration capabilities.    The one piece of information I've not been able to find is whether the Logitech S4B systems with the Surface Pro 4 devices will require new Windows 10 images to be built and deployed,  or if it will just be a software install/GPO switch to make them become a meeting room system.


Does anyone have a view so I can start briefing our user support teams on what the likely impact on them might be?

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The devices will have a factory loaded image on them.

Ahh, didn't realise it would effectively be a new SKU. I think I'm just going to market it internally as the Logitech S4B room system to avoid confusion.