New Icon Showed up on Polycom VVX 410 Phones Today

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We had a new icon reported today from our Polycom VVX 410 phone users. Not on all phones, but on some. I have checked Polycom documentation and cannot find what the icons means. It almost looks like a battery indicator, but as far as I know, these phones do not have batteries. They are getting power from POE. Any ideas what this means?



Appears in the upper right corner changing between date and what appears to be a batteryAppears in the upper right corner changing between date and what appears to be a battery

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. We also have VVX 310 and VVX 600 model phones, but we have not seen this show up on those phones. Checking documentation at I do not see anything that resembles that green icon that appears to be a battery.




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It looks like the BToE icon that indicates that you have a Better Together over Ethernet connection active. I guess you have connected a computer to the ethernet connection on your phone.

@Linus CansbyWe have all of our computers/phones connected with BToE, but only a few phones are showing this icon and it is new. I could not find it mentioned in the Polycom web site. Odd it just changed this week and we have not updated the firmware on the 410 phones.


I was a while since I signed to a desk phone but I think I've seen it before and it is in this video so I guess it is not new.

@Linus Cansby, I watched through the video but did not see the same icon as I posted. Phones appear to be working, so I guess I will not worry about it at this time.




It was this icon i was referring to in the video. Looks the one you posted and almost at the same place on the display.



At least it is working for you so that is good.

@Linus Cansby, thanks! I did not see that when I watched the video. True, at least it is working. Still odd it is only showing on some of the 410 phones and not all the phones when they are all set up as BToE and the icon just showed up last week.





IIRC I think this icon only displayed when the pairing mode was automatic, and not manual? Maybe flipping between those modes will answer that question. I currently don't have that setup here to test. It's been a while but I also remember not seeing that icon consistently.