Mute Alerts when on a Skype call

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Is there any possibility of muting alerts (ie email alert sounds or IM sounds) or setting calls to come through as silent when already on a call? I understand setting your Skype to busy will help with Skype - Skype calls but if someone is calling from a regular phone or mobile the call will ring through without them realising you are on another call. 

I have attempted to do this within the Windows Communications tab however it does not affect anything when on a Skype call.


Thank you. 

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You can try modifying Ringtones & Sounds in Skype for Business client.


Go to

Settings --> Tools --> Options --> Ring Tones & Sounds.



"Mute incomming IM alert sounds when viewing an IM conversation"

"Keep sounds to a minimum when my status is budy"

"Keep sounds to a minimum when my status is Do not Distrub"


Snapshot attached.


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