Microphone fades in and out in Skype for Business group meetings

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Hi everyone,

I bought a new MSI gaming laptop last month that I also use to work on via Citrix. To be able to use my microphone from my headset I installed Citrix HDX Media Engine (version 2.9.400). So far so good. When I call someone it works perfectly. But when I join a teammeeting, after sometime the other people can’t understand me or very badly. Mostly when I’m talking for a longer period of time. It’s like my microphone output volume just falls out. I’ve tried everything, updating Citrix, downgrading to older Skype versions. Even updating to Windows 11, but nothing works. Please note that on Discord, everything works perfectly. So my hardware isn’t the problem.

I’m using Skype for Business in a Citrix Environment. I can call perfectly, without drops, with other people. But when I join teammeetings with multiple people, people often complain that they can hardly understand me. The headset is an usb-headset; plantronics blackwire 5220. On my old laptop everything worked fine. So I guess something new on the MSI laptop is messing with my microphone?

So TL;DR: something is causing my microphone to fade out when talking in Skype for Business group meetings. And I’m on the edge of trowing my laptop through the window.
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