Looking for a Skype for Business Online compatible wireless handset phones

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As we have no permanent desk at the office, we currently use wireless handsets. We are planning to start using the Phone System of Office 365 and Skype for Business Online. Unfortunately, I can't find any wireless handset compatible with Skype for Business Online. The Spectralink mentioned below are only compatible with S4B Server 2015:

Is there a solution in which we can use Skype for Business Online in combination with wireless handset phones?


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I'm still hoping for an answer.
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Spectralink are the only SfB compatible devices we have ever discovered. An alternative would be using an analog gateway with POTS DECT cordless handsets. We have done this where needed.  Another alternative is to use standard SIP devices and some sort of software that can translate between standard SIP and Skype such as AudioCodes' "SIP Phone Support".