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Wir möchten auf Skype for Business umsteigen. Unsere Domain liegt bei IONOS. Auf 365 habe ich eine 25 User Lizenz gebucht. Die Domain DNS habe ich von IONOS auf Microsoft 365 übertragen. Wir nutzen eine 365 E3  Lizenz. 

Alle Apps funktionieren soweit. Jedoch bekomme ich bei Skype for Business keine Möglichkeit, externe zu einer Videokonferenz einzuladen. Bei dem Skype App ob auf dem Mac oder Windows fehlen die Suche nach Kontakten und der Nummernblock. Auch in Teams kann ich keine Externen Teilnehmer einladen oder anwählen. 

Alle Einstellungen auf Extern habe ich vorgenommen. 





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Hi @Industriefabrik 


It seems from the Screenshot that your Tenant is migrated to Microsoft Teams. That is the only time when we get the only icons in the Skype for Business Client. 


Can you see if you are able to access Microsoft Teams Application and see if you are able to use Microsoft Teams Instead of Skype for Business Online. 


Since SFBO is moving away next year all the new users or customers are provisioned on Microsoft Teams directly rather than Skype for Business Online.


With Regards,

Satish U

Hi @Satish2805 


thank you for your answer. Yes I know the situation about SFBO and Team up to next year. 


But, neither with SFB and with Teams I have a extern connect. 


Our Domain we have at IONOS. MO365 I have give an Connect from IONOS to 365 Office. All settings I have setted to conect for extern. I don't know where the mistake is.

The same scrennshot I have on Windows, I have on all devices - smartphone and MAC. I don´t can connect external users.


With regards Christian

Hi @Industriefabrik 


In case you are using Teams please follow the following steps to enable external communications in Microsoft Teams. The steps are as follows:-


1. Login to Microsoft Teams Admin Center.

2. Navigate to External Settings 

3. Ensure that both the option External Communication with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams user is on and Communications with regular Skype User is also Turned on.


Post making changes we need to wait for around 4-6 hours post which we should be able to make communications to the external users.  


The same setting needs to be enabled on the other tenant as well so that we can communicate with the external domain.

With Regards,

Satish U