Is there a way to switch between participants in video call on mobile?

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We are testing Skype for Business on Android and we can't find a way to switch between participants in a video call. When we start a video call with one user, it shows this first user. You can add other participants, but can only hear these other users, but it only shows video from the first user and there is no switch option, nor it switches automatically between talking users. Maybe it is by design to spare bandwidth and system resources?

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Out of curiousity, when you add the additional users on via android app, does it let you choose whether the users are Skype participants or does it add them via telephone/mobile number?


If it's adding them by telephone/mobile number, it could explain why you are not seeing their video feed as they would be audio only.


Hope that generates an idea or two towards a solution!


Good luck!






When a video chat is started from a phone, a user can press ... button and then Add a participant. Then search window is shown and another contact is added and it starts calling. I guess this is a Skype contact in this case.

We have done a bit of testing with one phone and two desktops. Sometimes it switches view to the other participant on mobile. But we can't understand what triggers it. It would seem that it reacts to active speaker. But then it takes 3-5 minutes to react, so it is kind of works, but wonky.

Probably incentivising us to move away from Skype to Teams! :)