Is the Skype for Business desktop client vulnerable to exploit?

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Been seeing a lot of articles recently talking about Skype being vulnerable to a nasty exploit. Does this pertain to Skype for Business or the commercial Skype desktop client?

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I have been trying to figure out the same question. Glad you posted something on here as I have not found an answer to this issue. I will be interested to hear what others say about this issue.


Interesting discussion for sure and well worth exploring but no I don't believe so, at least not the recent issue discussed in ZDNet and other outlets.  That issue stems from the particulars of how Skype is updated with it's "home-grown updater" and will not carry over to Skype for Business, that's managed completely differently.  I imagine there is little to no shared code between the consumer and business clients.  Of course, I'd like this officially stated, especially if there is more to it than that, as there could be more clarity about these things.


The consumer version is being completely rewritten, so will be hardened and better protected, as well as fixing this particular issue.


"The team is planning on shipping a newer version of the client, and this current version will slowly be deprecated."


That makes sense! Thanks for the update on this issue. I am reading it the same way that it only applies to the consumer client.