IOS client telling that it can't connect to Exchange, works on Android


Hi, got a customer, where we get error when running SfB client on  the Iphone 7 and on 6S (all Iphones) when they start up the Sfb client, it can't connect to Exchange. And we get no calendar or when they try to login to meeting it will use the webclient and not SfB client.

On a Samsung Galaxy 7 this works just fine. But since the customer runs Iphone a standard , well neet this to work. It does not works even on WIFI internal or not.

Mail sync works just fine on Iphone.

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Are you using the Outlook client, or native iOS client?

How mail is set up on the device is likely irrelevant here.  S4B uses the Exchange Web Services interface to Exchange Online or Exchange on-prem to pull that data.  It's possible the iPhone client isn't successfully handling the autodiscover for the user (this usually happens when the SIP doesn't match the Primary SMTP).  It's tough to say why Android would work and iOS wouldn't.  I'd suggest manually configuring the Exchange Web Services URL on the S4B on IOS and see if that corrects the issue.   (settings -> My Credentials -> Exchange)


If that works then you have to chase down with the iOS side isn't autodiscovering the EWS settings.



We se this as well and I suspect it's because we have federated sign-in to SfB online. What has worked is to go to the settings on the client, tap on Exchange, turn off "Use Skype for Business Credentials" and enter in the Exchange log-in info.

Sorry for late answer. Been off to Monaco and Menton  for some days....

They use the native client on the Iphone

Hi, I have asked my customer to try this. Will Get back with some update later
Did find out that they do not use the autodiscover in the url, but Did this manual, well then it worked on the Iphone. :)

Maybe create a DNS record in some way to route to and then it might work :)

Hmm...that's interesting.  I wouldn't advise trying to redirect the autodiscover record - what I would suggest would be to get it back to using autodisvoer for S4B mobile.  The user experience is far better if they're able to just log in and everything works as expected.  Manual configurations are frought with chaose - that's just my opinon/experience. ;)