Integration of Skype For Business to Google Calendar

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Hello Everyone,


according to this blog post it should be possible to choose Skype call instead of a 'Hangout' while creating an event in Google Calendar. After downloading and logging into Skype plugin it did not change anything. I still cannot see this option. 


Am I missing something or just the plugin itself does not allow that after all? 


I would appreciate any suggestion or possible alternatives to my problem. Thanks!



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Could we please get some clarity on this subject from Microsoft? 

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Please keep in mind that this extension is for the consumer Skype client (which is for home/personal use), which uses a completely different architecture and has a different backend than Skype for Business (which is for corporate/business/enterprise use). These support forums are for "Skype for Business", not "Skype", so you are unlikely to find an answer here.

The user support community for the consumer "Skype" client can be found here:

Hi Alexander, 


Thank you for your response. I am asking about Skype for Business and I believe the OP was too. I am aware that they are different products. So to clarify, is it correct to say that Skype for Business does not integrate with Google Calendar?


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Hi Carlos,


There does not appear to be an extension for Skype for Business in the Chrome Web Store, though there is one for the consumer Skype client. As such, I do not believe there is any way to make this extension work with Skype for Business, nor is there any other extension to provide this functionality using Skype for Business.


With respect to the OP, it is actually not entirely clear from his post if he is absolutely referring to the consumer Skype client or the Skype for Business client, as the actual wording can apply for both. With the link to the post about the feature, I can only assume that he was referring to the Skype client and saying he had an issue with the setup when following the exact directions in the article.