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When adding my contacts it maxed at 250. How do I change it?
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Unfortunately this is not possible, the limit is 250.
This is managed by policy and the default is 250. Changing this requires a policy change. The Get-CsUserServicesConfiguration shows this setting. The Set command of this would be used by the admin to modify it but the client/user side cannot alter it on their end.
Thank you!! I was told I could change in PoweShell however I have no directions. I am the admin. Can you provide where I could find those directions?
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If you want to change this limit for all users you can use the following cmdlet to change it from the default to the example of 500:  Set-CsUserServicesConfiguration -MaxContacts 500


I do not recommended doing only this though. It's better to only increase it for specific users.  There are a few basic steps you'll need to follow to allow some users to have more than the default but not allow all users the higher value.


1. Define a limit for all users on the Global Client Policy (which is blank by default). You can set this to the current 250 so there is no change to any users at first.


Set-CsClientPolicy -Identity Global -MaximumNumberOfContacts 250


2. Create a new Client Policy with a higher limit,


New-CsClientPolicy –Identity “MoreContactsAllowed” –MaximumNumberOfContacts 500


3, Assign the new policy to a specific user


Grant-CsClientPolicy –Identity “Jeff Schertz” –PolicyName “MoreContactsAllowed”


4. Increase the overall service limit from 250 to 500 as the changes above will be overidden by this service setting.


Set-CsUserServicesConfiguration -MaxContacts 500


These changes will allow only my account to have 500 and all other users assigned to the default Global client policy are still limited to 250.  You can assign it to any users you want to have a higher limit.  Also note that if your Global Client Policy has any customized settings then you'll want to duplciate those in the new policy, so you can do that easily with a PoewrShell script created by Pat Richard found on this page:


I also suggest reading through this detaield article as it explains how to manage the contacts limits:


Thanks for the mention, Jeff. A better link for my New-CsClonedPolicy is, and it can do user or site level policies.

@Jeff Schertz 


Is it possible to increase the contact size in Skype for Business online?  Those commands don't work in that environment.