I cannot chat with my Skype for business basic account with externals

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I have Skype for Business Basic at work and also a home Skype account.

With my SFBB I cannot start a chat session or communicate with externals.

And also in the other direction externals cannot start chatting with my SFBB.

I find the contact persons, but when I start chatting with an external SFB or SFBB I get an error : …. try again later. 

When I start chatting with an ordinary skype account I get an error : This message is not sent due to company policy.

Any solution?


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Do you see presenceon these external users?
If not, federation is not activated for your user or environment. 

I can find externals, Skype for Business accounts and also home Skype accounts. In my administrator settings for Skype for business everything looks OK. Extern delen Toestaan dat personen in uw organisatie contact opnemen met personen met Skype voor Bedrijven in andere organisaties - Aan Toestaan dat personen Skype voor Bedrijven gebruiken om te communiceren met Skype-gebruikers - Aan
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You also have to have DNS records for Skype for Business to be able to talk to external users. You can find such records in Office 365 admin center under Domains menu and pressing on your main domain. There will be an option to export records as csv. You will have to add these records to DNS of your main domain. 

DNS-settings were done.

I now could start a chat from my Skype with my Skype for business basic (SFBB).

SFBB needs to accept the demand and then can see the chat message, so this is OK! 

But when I answer the chat in my SFBB, this message doesn't come in my Skype.

In SFBB the Skype contact stays in treatment, but in Skype there is no message received or no demand to accept chat received.

Any idea what still needs to be done?   

You can try doing it the opposite way. In regular Skype try searching for your SFB user and add it as a contact. I remember it not working very consistently in the beginning. If you set your DNS records recently, maybe you have to wait a bit longer for everything to propagate correctly on the Office 365 side (like 24 hours).