How to route calls properly - 2 person setup

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So I have a client with 2 users.  We are working on moving them to skype for business for their phones.  I'm trying to figure out the best way to route calls.  Here's the situation.


- Calls will come in via the main number which will need to ring all phones

- 1 person will be assigned the main number and other user will be a delegate. 

- Person assigned main number will be set to simultaneously ring delegates as well


So the above is easy.  Where I am having trouble is if no one answers.  Ideally we'd like a message giving the option to leave a voicemail for person 1 or person 2.  But I can't see a way to do this with just 2 accounts.


If I was to add a 3rd account just for the main number, then it would be easy.  But we'd rather not pay for a 3rd account.  I had hoped we could have the auto-attendant forward directly to someone's voicemail, but it only allows us to forward to a person. 


Does anyone have any thoughts on configuring this with just 2 user accounts?  If we need to add a 3rd account, what are the minimum products we'd need?  E1, cloud PBX and PSTN calling?


Thanks in advance!

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