How to identify video usage trends within SfB conferences

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I'm trying to look for trends in our SfB user behaviors and am at a loss on how to identify two things:

  1. How many SfB conferences actually had someone use a video camera during the conference (vs. just the placeholder images).
  2. How many users within that conference used their camera. 

The results should be a list of conferences that includes the date of the conference. indicates whether video was used or not, and a count of the number of participants within that conference that enabled/transmitted video. 


I can see how to get this information for P2P from the Call Detail Records but I'm stuck on trying to decode how to get this video usage for our conferences.


Does anyone have some helpful SQL, PowerShell, or other reporting tool (other than the stock SfB reports) that can give me insight into what functions our users are leveraging within our on-prem SfB installation?



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