How to get Timestamp of Last Login TO SKYPE for all Skype users (csusers)

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The title says it all.


I want to get rid of the users that do not actually use the Skype accounts. I want to list all Skype accounts with the last login time in Skype. If they have not logged in ever, I would also like to know. We're running Skype for Business on premise 2015, currently migrating to 2019.


So far I found solutions that get the last login from AD or exchange. This is not what I want since some Skype users don't have an e-mail address or login through AD.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello, if you have the Monitoring Reports role installed there is a report contained within this called the "User Registration" report, this will tell you which accounts last logged into Skype for Business. If you don't have this deployed, it's reasonably fast to roll out however requires a Microsoft SQL Server (not express) with SQL Reporting Services available.  Here's some more information on the role:




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