How do I get SFB conversation window to scroll properly?

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I am using SFB 16.0.7127.1021 32-bit, which I believe is the latest version.  When I am in a conversation, every time the other person's message arrives, the window does not scroll so it looks like the last message was the one I last sent.  There is an ellipsis you can click on to get it to scroll down, or use the scroll-bar itself, but it is quite frustrating and has caused me to miss a message on more than one occasion because I hadn't noticed the ellipsis pop up.  This has apparently occurred in past releases as well but other forums simply say the answer is to install the latest version (see I have the latest version, so what can I do to get this to work properly?



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I have the same experience, often missing replies, cause they are hidden. :(

Same issue here (same version). I assume it's a bug as, you like you've pointed out, this has happened before and the fix at the time was to upgrade to the next version. Hoping this will be resolved in a future update

Hi - all - this doesn't sounds like a good experience. I would suggest reaching out to support if you haven't already.

Laurie, how exactly do you do that?  I'm not being facetious - I have spent almost 2 hrs trying to find a SFB support person.  I chatted with 4 different Microsoft support ppl and they all said that they are not trained to support SFB.  One person would give me a link to a different support pg, I'd start a new chat, same response - this happened 3x leading me to 4 different chat conversations and not a one knew anything about SFB.  So how would you recommend reaching out to their support?


I have also had this "issue" according to this link:


It is now the intended behavior from Microsoft.

Thank you for the update Anton.  This is very disappointing as there is no utility in the conversation behaving this way.  It sounds like Microsoft is simply unable to fix the problem so they call it expected behaviour.  I guess I should get used to Microsoft letting me down.