Holy contacts Batman! (search contact list)

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Have you ever typed a name in the "Find someone" search bar and gotten everyone you've ever emailed in the results?


How would one set up SfB so that I only get the results of people within the company?


It's hard to get the usage of SfB up when everyone is complaining they can't find someone within the company as they have to search a sea of names that don't work at our company.



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Skype for Business does indeed look up Outlook when you're typing a name - so will display everyone it knows you've emailed.
But I'm not sure how this is a problem to find people - are you users stopping to type the name after the first couple of letters? I've never actually had users complain about this because the more the type of the name the more narrowed the search results become.
Just type the full name of the person to get the exact result from the directory - unless your company specialises in emailing and employing people called "John Smith". :)

Couldn't agree more @Loryan Strant. Working with the team and explaining to them there is only so much...thanks for confirming my own thoughts as well. Greatly appreciated!