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My name is Subramanian Vasudevan and I am a developer on the Skype Business Services team working on Conferencing! Hit me up for any questions or concerns you may have on your Skype for Business meetings experience.


Look forward to hearing from you all!

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Hey Subramanian

Thanks for reaching out to the community. I have a question you might to be able to clarify for me.

It's regarding meeting content uploaded to a skype meeting in advance of the meeting occurance. If a presenter upload content it seems at some time between the upload and the meeting occurance the permissions of the content is changed and set to organizer. So if the organizer isn't joining the meeting it seems to every presenter in the meeting that the content is lost, but it's rather not showing up due to permission.
Would be interesting and valuable to understand the process and if that is by design or not.



Hello Markus!


Interesting question, I hope I can provide some clarity but first I would like to understand the scenario a bit better.


If I understand correctly, a presenter joined the meeting prior to the date for which the meeting was scheduled and uploaded some content, like a powerpoint, and then when the meeting actually begins, the presenters are unable to view the content.


Could you please clarify for me:

1. If the steps above are accurate, especially that the presenter actually joined the meeting prior to scheduled date in order to upload content.

2. When the files were uploaded, what permission level was set on them? (Everyone can download / Presenters only)

3. How long of a time elapsed between uploading content and the meeting was held?

4. When the meeting started, the presenters were indeed connected to the meeting as presenters or did their role change as well?

5. Were the presenters able to view the files but not download? Or the files were not even visible in the attachments section?

6. If the organizer joins, is he able to access the files that were uploaded? Is that how you concluded that the files exist but permissions were skewed?


See my answers below... 

1: Correct

2: Default was used so "Everyone can download"

3: I have tested different scenarios, sometimes is seems to be only a few hours and sometimes over night. 

4: Same role as when meeting was scheduled. 

5: Files are not showing up in the "Manage content" view for the presenter

6: Correct, organizer can see the files and also change the permission from Organizer to Presenters to make them available for the presenter. 

Thanks @Markus Johansson for the clarification. The symptoms match a regression of functionality that we have investigated and a fix for this issue has been lined up for the next Cumulative Update. Stay tuned on https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3061064 !


As a temporary workaround till then (if its acceptable) could you try explicitly ending the meeting for all participants using the More Options ( ... ) button on the lower right of the meeting conversation window, after the presenters join and pre-upload the content to the meeting? That *should* ensure that the content stays around for presenters on re-joining later. Let me know if that workaround works for you.


I hope that answers your question, please stay in touch.

Great news, thanks for sharing. 

I've actually seen a different behaviour with the "End the meeting" scenario as you confirm as well. 

Do you know if the permission "issue" also involve other part of the meeting experience such as Q/A sections ?


Hi Subramanian,


I have encountered an issue with S4B 2015 client (logged into 365 if that matters).


If I have the stage open (possible at any time by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+Y) and add a 3rd person so the call escalates to a meeting,  until they have answered (or if you call someone that doesn't exist) I don't see any remote video unless I select "Gallery View" instead of "Speaker View".


It feels like a bug with the Speaker view - maybe it is intentional?


I had posted on answers.microsoft.com with screenshots of the issue


Subramanian, Why doesn't the call-to phone number option remember a list of last used numbers that it called. It seems like it should based on the UI, but makes me enter a new number every time. Only my one mobile number is remembered, but I use various Conference rooms in the office instead. Also why does the UI have so many steps to enter in a new number to call? Thanks, David
Hello Richard,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. May I ask which client version you are using where you can reproduce this?

I attempted to repro and was unable, and I'm on client version 16.0.7870.7034. Let me get back to you if I find any bugs we may have fixed in this area.

Also: Does this workaround work? Once the remote video from attendee #2 (which was visible before inviting attendee #3) disappears, try switching away from and back to stage view.

Hello David,


Nice input, thank you. While I dont have an immediate answer for you, may I ask what visual cues you see that lead you to believe that the client has a last used numbers feature?


I'm yet to confirm, but it may turn out that the client only remembers phone numbers that you have published in the Options -> My Phone Numbers dialog.


Could you see if publishing your most used numbers there helps you access it from the Call-To-Phone dialog? Meanwhile I will definitely see if I can convey your inputs to the team responsible.



Hi Subbu,


I am still seeing the issue on all versions I have access to:

- 2015 (15.0.4911.1000 32-bit)

- 2016 MSI (16.0.4498.1000 32-bit)

- 2016 (16.0.7329.1045 64-bit)


The workaround does not work on any of the versions either,

- switching away from the stage also switches to gallery view - video works

- switching back to stage, also switches back to speaker mode - no remote video, just self-view






Just want to ask when will the gallery view for Ipad/Iphone/androids be available for skype for business. This was available in Lync 2013 app. Is there a roadmap document that we can share to customers?