Granting Presenter rights remotely or prior to call

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Hello all
As a PM on a bigish project I am setting up lots of Skype Biz calls, some running concurrently.  I'd like to be able to make one of the attendees the presenter without me attending the call.
Ideally I'd like to nominate someone a presenter before the call so they can initiate, share their desktop etc.
I am the only person who can invite all people to a meeting so I can't ask the nominated person to create the meeting for me.


Any ideas please?

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You can set them as presenter when creating the invite in Outlook. You have to open Meeting Options and then select "People I choose" and who should be a presenter in the "Who's a presenter" option.

Thanks. That works for me. I had not seen that option because I am working in the browser version of O365 which as far as I can see doesn't present that option. Go to the desktop application and the option is as you describe. Thanks Linus