Getting a meeting notification when you are already in that meeting.

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Good afternoon!

We noticed that if we get into a meeting early, enevitably when it's time for the meeting to start...the pop-up says to 'join' the meeting. 
Join the meeting you are already in! 

Please advise. 

Windows 10 machine
Latest SfB client

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The reminder is coming from Outlook, which has no way of knowing that you are actually in the meeting.
It's possibly that Skype could pass the signal across so as to not remind you again, but I doubt that would be coded for given SfB is being phased out.
it didn't happen until the most recent update. that's a bother.
Update of what though? Outlook or Skype for Business?


We are up to date in both. 
I can verify - though this is also happening on other machines - and I'm not certain about those. 
It's an odd change. 
I'm certain it a bug - or at least a setting that didn't get changed properly with some update - whether OS or App.