Following a PSTN call flow through Skype for business Cloud PBX


Has anyone been able to successfully follow a PSTN Call flow through the Skype for business system when AT or Call queues are in place? I'm having a tough time following the call to the user with the reporting data being given to me. This is for Skype for business Cloud PBX only. 

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Hi Chad,


Since your are using Skype for business online, you will have access only to your ".uccapi" log where you can see the outbound traffic and response from server. To see complete trace of your call, you must contact Microsoft through Support ticket.


Hope this answers your question.




It helps but I would think that this kind of feature would be a standard for any PSTN phone systems to be able to follow the path of a call going through the system. I've asked Microsoft in the past this question and I did not get very good answers on what happens to a call.


Maybe things have changed and I can try it again. Thanks