Extracting participant list from Skype for Business Online Meetings


Is there any way to export list of participants from Skype for Business calls? We do those calls quite often and after the meeting we need list of participants for the meeting minutes. It would be good to include participant title, sections or any other relevant information. Also, some participants are external to the organization, including at least the user name and email address will be very helpful. Maybe there is a PowerShelll script that can extract this information? 

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Hi @jahongir abdurahmonov. I have found two ways to do this, but they are manual and don't include a PowerShell.


1/ SfB saves conversations to your Outlook. This includes includes when you initiate an SfB call. If you search in your conversations folder for the meeting name, it will have a list of participants.


2/ Have OneNote open for your call. Insert the meeting details into a OneNote page and it will record a list of who attended the call through SfB. I find this very handy for training sessions.


Not as slick as a PowerShell but I find these options good enough for my needs. Hopefully they work for you.