Embedding Skype into a web page

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Hi. I'm trying to understand what Skype SDK solution to choose to achive next goal.


I'm working on a part of a web javascript single page application that will be used inside some organization. And I want basically to embed Skype into a part of a web page (let's call it Skype panel) so all employees of such an organization can sign in into the Skype panel and use it as their company-internal messenger. It would be perfect if they also could reach people with regular public Skype accounts outside of the organization.


I investigated different SDKs and it seems that Skype for Business Online or Skype for Business Server should do the trick. I'm trying Skype for Business Online first.


I am following the instruction https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/skype/ucwa/developingucwaapplicationsforsfbonline.
1. Register your application in Azure AD.
I created an account in Azure Active Directory and after that registered an application in there. No problem here.
2. Obtain tenant admin consent, using scope permissions.
This step is not clear for me. What exact steps should be done here?
Should I have a Skype for Business online subscription as a prerequisite for working with UCWA? If yes, is there a trial period of using it or some developers accounts?
3. Sign in.
Should I use helper libraries (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/skype/ucwa/ucwahelperlibrary) and UCWA March 2014 Samples archive for this?
Again it is not clear what values should I provide inside UCWA March 2014 Samples\samples\javascript\AuthenticationUsage.js


var domain = "https://www.example.com",
targetOrigin = "https://www.myDomain.com"



function handleAutoDiscovery(link) {
Authentication.setCredentials("username", "password");

I'm also trying ot open the Interactive UCWA demo (https://ucwa.skype.com/login/terms) but is says "The Interactive Demo and Sandbox user accounts are currently down for maintenance. Please check back soon." for several days now.


So to summarize my questions are:
1. Is a Skype for Business Online/Server suitable for embedding Skype into the web page?
2. Do I need a Skype for Business online subscription as a prerequisite for working with UCWA and Skype for Business Online SDK?
3. How to correctly register an application and how to give it the required permissions?
4. What values should I provide inside the AuthenticationUsage.js example to be able to log in using my registered application?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Yes, Skype for Business can serve this scenario. You can start with Skype for Business Online and use Skype Web SDK. Actually Skype Web SDK is based on UCWA.
By default, apps that using Office 365 must be declared on Azure AD (and specify each right on services)