Data File cannot be configured SkypeForBusiness/Outlook

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Anyone else seeing this?  I'm getting error message ... Your Outlook Data file cannot be configured. c:users\p.....\AppData\local\Microsoft\outlook\p....r.nst.  


This started right after the upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus, Insider Slow 1705 8201.2025, on 5/24.  


This occurs when ... Skype For Business is running.  Outlook on the desktop is not running.  As soon as I launch Office on the desktop (and keep it running), the errors stop.  When outlook is stopped, the errors start again.  The errors occur about every 1 minute or less.    

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I solved my issue removing Outlook and Skype for business cache:

  • %appdata% -> Microsoft->Outlook 
  • %appdata%-> Microsoft->Office->Lync

@Jacinto Perez Calavera wrote:

I change SKYPE configuration for meeting reminders and it seems solved.

Option is in Skype Meetings, "Don't show notifications when Outlook is running".

It doesn't matter witch option you choose, just change it.

Hope it helps.




For a while there, that seemed to have done the trick. But now the problem is back.

Any great suggestion guys, the issue keep on coming in. 

Thanks for the tip. I have done the same (unticked this, clicked ok then re-ticked it). Initially this appears to have resolved my issue!

This problem appeared in my organization when updating to the version of O365 that you indicate. In my case, we did report with MS and they confirmed to me that this update has had several reports of failures so they have blocked it in its distribution. The suggestion that the own MS gave me was to reinstall the version of office 2016 in a "current channel".

We're having the same problem as everyone else in the thread.  I just noticed and applied Build 8201.2064 to my own machine, so far it seems to be working.  Curious if others have tested this update.

For everyone that rolled back to 1704, it's now safe again to go back in and turn on automatic updates for Office, and update your software to the current version. This new build seems to address the issues described in this thread.

I have a user who is having all of the issues described in this thread, but what I'm failing to understand is what exactly an .NST file is, how it's different from .OST and .PST files, and why they're being created when Outlook is launched. My user, when she finally approached me, had over 100 copies of the same .NST file. 

Microsoft have now released an update that fixes these issues. If you run office updates from within one of the Office apps, you will be able to install updates and take it to Version 1705 (Build 8201.2064).

That seems to have fixed it. Thank you so much!

Thank you Microsoft!

Office Insider Slow Update 8201.2064 solved this .NST issue

this bug still persists. Printing a Contact Memo Sheet. Text way to small and tiny. I tried to adjust the Font size. No success. On all PCs with Office Build 8201.2025 Insider Slow and Office Build 8201.2064 Insider Slow the same issue.

I've got a message from the Office Insider Team. The confirmed this issue and are working on a solution.
Dear team,

I am MS support. My customer was using 1705(8201.2025)and had the nst file issue and caused Outlook to crashed described below:

I suggested him update to Version 1705 (Build 8201.2075 Click-to-Run) but still Outlook got crashed. Can I know if the crashing issue is still not fixed in Version 1705 (Build 8201.2075 Click-to-Run) ? If so, as the above article metioned, crashing issue was fixed in Version 1705 (Build 8201.2064), how can we revert back to this version from 8201.2075?

Thanks in advance.

The 2075 release is working for me.  In my case, Skype for Business always launches 1st (automatically).  I seldom use Outlook on the desktop, but never launch Outlook first.