Data File cannot be configured SkypeForBusiness/Outlook

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Anyone else seeing this?  I'm getting error message ... Your Outlook Data file cannot be configured. c:users\p.....\AppData\local\Microsoft\outlook\p....r.nst.  


This started right after the upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus, Insider Slow 1705 8201.2025, on 5/24.  


This occurs when ... Skype For Business is running.  Outlook on the desktop is not running.  As soon as I launch Office on the desktop (and keep it running), the errors stop.  When outlook is stopped, the errors start again.  The errors occur about every 1 minute or less.    

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It happens when Outlook is not running and Skype for Business is running.


Same here. I thought that my .OST file from my primary mail account had corrupted so deleted all my mail accounts and downloaded over 35Gb of mail again... only to experience the same problem with Skype for Business once I'd closed Outlook after hours of no problems....


I'm running Windows 10 Pro x64 and the same release as below (Office 365 ProPlus, Insider Slow 1705 8201.2025, on 5/24.). Every time that the error message comes up (from Skype for Business) I've noticed that a new 16,024kb size Outlook data file is created in the C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook folder. 


I guess it must be a bug in this release..

Same here. Just started happening yesterday after I upgraded to Version 1705 Build 8201.2025 (Office Insider Slow). Happening with one other work colleague. I think we are the only ones to upgrade to this new version.

I change SKYPE configuration for meeting reminders and it seems solved.

Option is in Skype Meetings, "Don't show notifications when Outlook is running".

It doesn't matter witch option you choose, just change it.

Hope it helps.




I'm having this same issue on my company's network. Several users at several branches are receiving the error.  We first tried removing and re-adding profiles, which didn't work. I also attempted to completely disable Skype integration with Outlook on my PC to see if that helped, but to no avail. Finally decided to roll back to a different version (16.0.8067.2115), and that did the trick. Hope this helps.

Have same frustrating situation.  None of the below work arounds helped.  Hope MSFT can get fixed over this holiday weekend.

This did not fix for me/us :(

Same problem here. :(

I am getting the same thing on all my users. I guess i learned my lesson not to be in the first release track for my office365 domain.

@Jacinto Perez Calavera wrote:

I change SKYPE configuration for meeting reminders and it seems solved.

Option is in Skype Meetings, "Don't show notifications when Outlook is running".

It doesn't matter witch option you choose, just change it.

Hope it helps.




When i choose to disable "Don't show notifications when Outlook is running" under Meeting Reminders in Skype for Business (so that it will show notifications even if Outlook is running), the errors seem to show up even though Outlook is running.


Re-enable it, and the errors stop showing up as long as Outlook is running.


So I guess that it is somehow related to the meeting-integration with Outlook.

Received yesterday a Office Update. Office Version stayed on Build 8201.2025 Insider Slow.

.nst error did not popup again.


But just discovered another bug. If printing a Contact Sheet Memo. Text way to small. I tried to adjust the Font size. No success. On all PCs with Office Build 8201.2025 Insider Slow the same issue

I have the same issue in Windows 7 64 with O365 version 1705.  The only way I found to alleviate the issue with this version is to disable cached exchange mode in Outlook.  However, this makes Outlook slow.  I am rolling back office to 1704 with:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun>officec2rclient.exe /u
pdate user updatetoversion=16.0.8067.2115


The rollback processed without error after closing Outlook and Skype.  I reenabled cached exchange mode in Outlook and so far, it seems to have resolved the issue.  

Yes, I'm hoping for a fix from Microsoft.  However, this also prompts me to use Skype for Business in the browser.  I'm probably one of the few that use the browser for my Office365 email.  And it is my job to stay in touch with all the options.


Interesting comment on the email ... I started using the browser for O365 email so I would understand it and could support it, and discovered I like it better.  There are a few things for which I switch to Outlook-on-the-desktop, but that occurs maybe once every 2 weeks.  

I am planing to roll back to 1704. So far we have only issues with 1705, mostly WIndows 7 machines. 

Close both Outlook and Skype for Business, go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook and remove the additional .NST files that were created, just leaving the original. (Don't delete from Recycle Bin as a precaution) Relaunch both Outlook and Skype for Business and see if the problem still occurs.

Problem still occurs only if Outlook-on-the-desktop is NOT running.


Problem goes away as soon as Outlook on the desktop is launched. (and Skype for Business is running).  You stop Outlook and the error messages start again.  

Yep, problem still occurs. Even with a new profile.