Coversations with other federated organisations.

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I have just been asked to investigate an issue and am stumped.  One of my colleagues is trying to use the Win 2016 client to communicate with another colleague at another university.  His approach has been to use the 'Add a contact not in your organisation', aparently this is supposed to send an invite to the other person but they are not receiving anything.


In the new Mac client, which I am using, I just search for the person, they are 'found' and show as available immediately and I can just send them an IM.  It works great.  No invite it just works.  Not being a windows user I am not sure how to achieve, or whether one can achieve at all, the same interaction.


Any suggestions ?

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Really weird, having logged a support call on this issue and spent sometime with the engineer investigating it yesterday, we have been unable to replicate the issue. Yet there definitely was an issue, the symptom being that when one searched for the external contact in Win SfB 2016 they were apparently not found and hence there was no action that could be taken. The weird thing was that the Lync 2010 and Mac SfB 2016 clients had no problems finding the same contact almost instantly.