Copy a poll from one meeting to another?

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I know I can create a poll and stop sharing before any attendees join, then resharing from Manage Content.


But is there any way to copy a poll from one meeting to another - e.g. for a series of training events, to ensure consistency? I'm copying and pasting text into a new poll from OneNote at the moment but being able to save the questions would be much more useful.


Thank you

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@Jon Chambers You could copy the entire meeting (i..e select the meeting in your calendar with the polls already set up, copy/paste and then send). The main downside to this is that it is effectively the same meeting instance so previous results would be visible. You would need to save your results and reset any polls or other shared content before the meeting starts.

@Rebecca Jackson Thank you Rebecca. Unfortunately that won't work for me for the reasons you've mentioned but I appreciate the help :)