Converted Resource Account, Sign in failed

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We are implementing Skype Room Systems and trying to converting our existing O365 resources accounts.  I've followed all of the steps for setting up the resource account but I consistently receive a 'Sign-in failed' message.  The calendar is retrieved to the console, and I can independently use the account to log into both Exchange Online and Skype for Business.  Where can I find out what's going on?  Is there something I'm missing?

The attached powershell script is what I'm using for converting the room account.

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I have exactly the same issue, any chance this ever got solved ?

Similar issue but not with a converted account. Can log into the room system Skype for Business account on a normal Skype for Business client on other machines but room system will not sign in, calendar entries are displayed on screen. Same problem with 2 room systems in 2 countries that were previously working but since rebooting this morning can no longer sign in.


Starting to suspect something is wrong at MS not with the device or account.

I'm getting the Same issue with our 5 Logitech Smart Docks with Surface Pro 4's. Reinstalled windows and Skype Room Systems and also seeing the Calendar but fails to Sign in.

My issue with the room system docks not signing in has now come right by itself. I had a support ticket in with MS but had zero response which is unusual in itself but weirder that several people are all having similar issues. I understand MS has been doing some integration work with SFB and Teams lately and I suspect they made a mistake somewhere which they have now fixed.

Having the same problem. Anyone find a solution to this yet?

Having the same issue.

Eventually I got it working here. It had nothing to do with the SRS system or the exchange resource. It had everything to do with the configuration on the Skype 4 business server. We partnered up with Orange. they had to create a new type of end points which the server could handle and once that was done it worked like a charm.

Also we didn't use autodiscovery dns to fill in the skype server but filled in the real host name which was for us a cloud server address of Orange and not a company dns thing.