Changing Skype for Business Calendar appointment in Outlook

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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to:

a) Turn off the Lobby for all our users in Skype for Business permanently

b) In Outlook, make New Skype Meeting the default for all new meeting requests (ie: for every meeting our users create we want the users Skype meeting details to be included)

Thanks in advance.


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a) Yes, that is possible. You have to change the meeting configuration on the server. To change it for everyone change the Global configuration

Set-CsMeetingConfiguration -Identity Global -AdmitAnonymousUsersByDefault $true


You could also set PstnCallersBypassLobby to $true if you want users dialing in from PSTN to bypass the lobby.

Set-CsMeetingConfiguration -Identity Global -PstnCallersBypassLobby $true


b) I might sure but I don't think that is possible. You have to teach your users to create Skype meetings instead of forcing it.