Changes in Creating SfB Call Queues and Auto-Attendants

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Today I notice that the ability to create call queues has moved from the older SfB Admin legacy portal to the newer teams portal. There has been some changes to the help guides but they don't seem to match up. I cannot select a Service Number to tie the call queue as I could previously - instead this appears to be replaced by adding a 'Resource Account' but I cant seem to finds exactly what that means. I cant search on any of our Service numbers (we had quite a few spare) do they require some sort of migration to be able to be seen by the Teams Admin portal?


I do see in a screenshot under 'Distribution Methods' that Round Robin routing has been added - this is excellent news - but how do I actually create the Call Queue now without being able to select the service number?



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In case anyone ends up here - the Legacy to Teams portal migration was a huge SNAFU and was eventually reversed by MS to the original state. 

It has been a huge mess. We discovered this when we were transitioning an office over to Skype for Business. Unfortunately, the port of the main office number went through and we were stuck not being able to assign that number to an Auto Attendant or Call Queue. Basically, our phones were down for 3 business days + 2 weekend days. When our customers called, they got a messaged that the line was disconnected. Microsoft Support provided absolutely NO help. We finally were able to port that number over to a User number which we just assigned to one user to handle the calls for the last 2 weeks.

And today they have re-implemented the change, and fingers crossed it looks to have been more successful, our agents still receiving calls. There are double ups of queues visible in the Agents call queue profile screen, but calls are being delivered to Skype rather than Teams like last time.