Can't Connect Call on Wi-Fi (Google Pixel phone)

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I'm having an issue on my (Android version 7.1.2) Google Pixel. If the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, it won't connect the call about 98% of the time. VERY rarely, it will go through as it should. If I'm using my carrier data, the calls connect and work just fine. I've tried this on multiple Wi-Fi . It works fine on my Asus tablet running an older version of Android. Any ideas?



I factory reset my Pixel phone yesterday and the same problem still persists. While connected to Wi-Fi, SfB will not connect calls to external phone numbers. While connected to carrier data, it will connect external calls as it should. But while connected to Wi-Fi, it consistently returns a "Can't connect the call" message in the SfB app. I've tried this on multiple Wi-Fi networks and it's the same across the board. 

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Have you tried another Android device with the same OS version? Might be a bug in 7.1.2 or something that is more Pixel-specific.
I've got a Nexus 5X with 7.1.2 and I've not seen this issue.

I dont' have access to any other devices running 7.1.2, unfortunately. I just fired off a message to Pixel support to see what their thoughts are. My boss' wife has a Pixel as well, he plans to try it on her phone this evening and see what happens. I'm ripping my hair out on this one. It makes no sense. Thanks for the response.

I'm running latest 7.1.2 on my Pixel and have no problems placing SfB peer audio or video calls over Wi-Fi.  

I can call my other SfB contacts in the app, but external numbers are giving me hell. We just switched to SfB for our work phones and this is less than ideal. 

What about meetings? I can't seem to be able to join audio or video meetings with android.

We haven't really tried meetings on it yet. I figured if the phone aspect didn't work, the meeting stuff wouldn't work either.

Sorry Jhon, I was asking Jeff who said he had no problems with android 7.1.2. I can make peer 2 peer calls and IM but cannot join meetings.