Call Queue Time in Seconds not Minutes

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Enhancement Suggestion:  I think it would be better to have the call queue caller wait time be editable in seconds, not minutes.  Currently, as minutes, the least amount of time that can be selected is 1 minute.  This is too long for some customers.  Please change to have call queue wait time in seconds. 

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I tested this:
Set-CsHuntGroup -PrimaryUri  -TimeoutThreshold 0.5

It accepts the value, but when i run Get-CsHuntGroup it says the value is 0. Same in Skype Online admin portal. Not able to test at the moment if it is set to 30 seconds, since i dont have a labenvironment, only production.

We are in a deployed state, using S4B in real time throughout the organization.  I can tell you that as of today, the system will not work in any time less than 1 minute (60 Seconds).  1 minute is a long time to wait for someone to answer the phone.  Our plan is to give each call group 20 seconds to answer or the call is being transferred to the next tier. 



yes I agree, we are in the same situation. We would like it to be editable in secs not minutes as this is too long for a customer to hold on.

Yes, Microsoft needs to change this to seconds ASAP!

I wrote a short tweet and blog article about it to spread the word about this request. I have some MVPs that follow me on Twitter, so hopefully we get som comments from them and they can help spread the word.


Give this request a vote at Skype Feedback:



Up from 30 to 116 votes now. Keep on voting and spreading the word :)

I just did a session yesterday at ignite 2017 with two program managers on the S4B platform.  They say this is going to be fixed very shortly, perhaps even next month. 


The bigger news is the move to Teams.  S4B is still going to be around for years as a stand along product, but adding the capability to Teams gives them a fresh new, clean code base to work with and add all kinds of fun tools.  Speed, reliability and features is their main focus.  There will be another update to S4B, but plan on seeing the Teams integration early next year, with parity by the end of 2018. 

Awesome, thanks for the info.

I was on the phone with tech support about this the other day. That's when I found the Idea on It was at 30 votes at that time and I reached out to every one of our S4B clients and we had it up to 115 in one day. This is for sure something that is needed for practicle implementations. I'm glad others are recongizing that including MSFT program managers. 

So they added seconds a couple of weeks ago and then took it away.  Any one know what's going on with it?

No but it is irritating if it wants to be considered an alternative to other call routing offerings. Been told that if all agents are not in the queue group (DND or logged off) then the caller will still wait a minute before it is handed off to alternative group, haven't tested this myself yet but customers won't wait that long.

It's available on preview now.



It seems that the minimum call queue length is 30 seconds.  Even though it can be set to 15 seconds, it rings for 30.  Also, it can be set for zero seconds.  I need 15.

I need 15 seconds to work as well.  Support said they were working on it...