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We currently use Skype for business. I am based in London but the company I work for is based in Copenhagen. I am experiencing very poor call quality with call quality indicator often on red and people saying that they can't hear me.  Is the fact that I am in London and the service is provided via the Danish business likely to a contributing factor to poor call quality? Also I can't use the Danish Conference call facility as the instructions are in Danish and not in English - can I convert by Skype for business number which is currently a Danish number to a UK number?

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Are you using Skype for Business online or are you using servers placed at the company in Denmark?
I understand that you are struggling with the danish, I am swedish (their closest neighboor) and think it iss hard to understand them. I you are using Skype online there is other numbers you can call to get the conferencing in English. In the meeting invite there should be a link that directs you to the dialin page with more numbers. If your company uses On-Prem servers they can setup the dialin number with many languages, first danish and secondary language english. Or they can configure dialin conferencing with multiple numbers.

For the call quility I think i can be your local network that is the problem. Are you using WiFi or mobile network when using Skype? If the network got a poor qulity or high usage realtime traffic like voice and video get impacted first. You could maybe try to connect your computer to a fixed cable (not wifi) or try another WiFi network.

The poor quility could also be the distance to the the servers, Skype Online or Skype On-Prem.



To compliment Linus's contribution, also are you connecting to the Danish site using a VPN? If you are then this will almost certainly be contributing to audio quality issues. 


Try disconnecting from the VPN and connect via the public internet instead (assuming that your corp has this enabled). Audio should be much clearer. 


If this is the case, then speak to your IT team about implementing split tunnel VPN to force SfB traffic via the internet but allow all other corp data via the VPN.


Also ensure that you are using proper certified Skype for Business headsets, not things like Apple earbuds, 3mm analog jack headsets, using laptop microphone & speakers, or a £2 headset from Asda. All of which will cause poor experience