Call missing in Conversations list when answered on locked PC

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- PC is locked

- incoming call is answered using the button on the headset



If the PC stays locked until the conversation is ended, the call will NOT appear in the conversations list in Skype for Business. However if the PC gets unlocked during the conversation, the call will turn up in the conversations list.


Can anyone tell if this is "by design" or due to system limitations?  Or is it a problem that can/could be solved? 

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I know I have answered calls when my PC is locked. One difference though is that we are running the Polycom BTOE client which connects phone with the computer. A few questions for you, what version of OS? Is it happening for more than one person? All updates have been applied? 


I would not think it is by design as I have answered a call when computer is locked and once I unlock the call pops up on the screen.




Hi John


It's independent of the OS and Skype for Business Client version. It happens for all clients in all Skype for Business environments I have tested.

The key point is: If I unlock the PC while in the call, the call appears in the Conversation History. But if the PC STAYS LOCKED until the call has ended, then the call does not appear in any list. 




I will test to see if I can duplicate it on our system. I am going to lock my terminal, call, end the call, and see if it shows up on the conversations list.

Quick test. Locked my screen. Called from another phone to my desk phone, answered with handset on the phone, ended the call. Unlocked computer and see the entry in the Conversation History folder of Outlook. Note, I also see it in call history of the Skype for Business client too.

I am on Windows 7 64-bit running S4B 2016 (16.0.4639.1000) 32-bit.