Block Incoming Unwanted Calls PSTN SFB

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Does anyone know how to block incoming/unwanted phone calls through SFB?

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I do not believe it is possible currently. I know I have searched for this option and have not found a solution. Hopefully someone has a solution for this though as it can be done on our cell phones and seems like it would be easy to implement for Skype for Business too.


@John Haverty, I agree with you this should be something easy to be implemented. I love SFB, but we need to pick up the pace on some simple items. I guess when they migrate SFB to Microsoft Teams we should see some improvements? :: wishful thinking ::

It is possible. However once setup the blocked calls will go directly to voice mail. There is no way to completely block them. A google search will get you to a couple of good instructions for setup. Create a new contact in Outlook, Create a new group in Skype set with block permission, then add that contact to new Skype blocked group. Not great but good enough to not be interrupted by a call. 

Hi @Damone Pierre  did you solve this problem? We moved to Teams this week and want to block unwanted callers centrally . Do you know, if there is a way to do this?