Black bars not hiding in PowerPoint presentation mode

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Normally, when presenting an uploaded PPT deck, putting it into full screen mode shows the black bars with controls on the top and bottom of the screen for a few seconds, and then the controls auto-hide.  In the last couple of weeks, the auto-hide has stopped working, so that black bars overlay a chunk of the presentation forever.  Anyone else experienced this and have any suggestions?

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Hi Dale - I assume you already tried to unpin it using the little icon that looks like the push-pin?  If that is clicked, it will pin the black bar & not hide.  However, if you click it again, it will unpin the black bar and will hide until you hover back over it.  Have a try.  If that doesn't work, you'll want to contact support as that's not the anticipated behavior.  Thanks!

Thank you Laurie.  I went to test this and after two weeks it's spontaneously working again.  Go figure. 

However, I don't see the push-pin on that screen.  I've attached a screen shot.


Murphy's Law...what client is this?

It's Windows 32 bit, 16.0.7301.1019, via O365.

Ahh - you were sharing an uploaded PPT.  When you share your desktop, you will see the push-pin but when you have an uploaded PPT, you won't see the pin. 

To hide the black bar, you will click in the slide area & it should go full screen.  When you click above the slide, you'll get the black frame back.


I hope that helps; it looks like it's working for you now.




I think this is a bug in the O365 version of Skype for Business.  I know it previously had the behavior you describe, Lauri.  But clicking in the latest release doesn't seem to do anything.  You're stuck with the bars forever.


Not that it matters, because PowerPoint presenting is only useful if you know you don't have any Mac clients connecting.