Awful desktop sharing layout in Skype for Business Web App

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Hi there,

I hope I am correct here with my issue.

Some of my customers use "Skype for Business" to share their desktop with me. Among other applications (TeamViewer, WebEx, NetViewer, Bomgar, ...) Skype for Business is the worst one for this task.
The most annoying issue is that you cannot activate a full screen layout. If you click on full screen and/or select the presentation layout, you still got those big bars: the list of users on the top and buttons on the bottom.
I want to see ONLY the shared screen. Really full screen - without any permanent bars.


Will this feature ever come? I suggest the most of my customers not to use Skype for Business for desktop sharing due to this issue. But in some companies the IT unfortunately only allows that software.


Another feature, I am still missing, is file sharing during presentation. But this is another (less important) issue.


Kind Regards
David Gausmann

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