Audio Settings with laptop for two different locations

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I have a user with a laptop.  While in the office he is connected to a docking station and is running BTOE.  He has his Poly Phone as the audio device for skype for business calls.  He also has external speakers for everything else and that setup is working without issue.  At home he also has a docking station but he does not have a poly phone, for Skype calls he wants to use his External speakers and a MIC that is attached to a webcam.  


When he plugs into the dock at work everything works fine, but when he goes home and plugs in his audio settings are messed up and he having problems getting them to what he wants.  


Is there anyway to setup two different profiles, one for home and one for the office or something that I can do to make sure his settings stick for the office and for home?


Thank you for your help

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