Assistance with Line Presence and Skype for Business with Polycom Phones

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We have Polycom VVX 310, 410, and 600 model phones. Our customers would like to be able to do line presence for others in the office so that they can see on their phone when someone is on a call or answer the call for that other person. We have been using team-call and delegates to do this function, but believe there should be true line presence in Skype for Business.


We are a hybrid set up. The vendor we are working with said line presence should work and we set it up on some test phones, but it does not appear to work. Does anyone have any information on how to set this up?


The reason team-call or delegates do not work is that the departments do not want the call to always ring their phone, but if they know the person at the one desk is gone, they would like to be able to answer the phone. Currently, this cannot be done and they have to either 1) let it ring to voice mail or 2) wait for it to hit their phone using team-call/delegate which can be anywhere from 0, 5, 10, or 15 seconds later.


Any assistance would be appreciated as this is a common set up we had with our old Nortel PBX phone and would like to have similar set up in Skype for Business with our Polycom phones.


Thank you!




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Do you run the Skype for Business desktop client and if so are you seeing Presence there?

Yes, we have Skype for Business on the desktop and it does show presence in the application. The departments are wanting it on the phones and then be able to answer the other persons phone on their Polycom phone.


Anyone have any ideas on how to make this work or that can point me to documentation to make tihs work?




I sent this same thing to and waiting to hear back from them. I was directed there on Twitter after contacting Polycom via Twitter.

Has anyone else got this to work with line presence on Skype for Business and a Polycom phone?