Adding Contacts Outside My Organization

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My wife works for a different organization and I tried adding her to Skype for Business. Instead of telling me that she cannot connect due to permissions it just shows 'Updating...' - External Network. Is this the expected behavior?

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Don't know if that is the expected behavior :) , but yes, I have seen it several times.

This is an expected behaviour because both the users belong to different office 365 tenant and using skype for business we can apply the user wise or organization's wide policies or rules. Hence you need to check if the recipient is enabled to send and receive external messages.

Both companies must have set permissions Skype for Business so that they can connect with users from other organizations.
In the settings admin panel is a section devoted to contacts with users outside the organization.
Just that both sides will set up a permit and go.




Wouldn't it be helpful if there was a different message than 'Updating...' to indicate that the connection is not permissible on one end or the other? Maybe I'm missing something...

So in the case there are multiple things we need to look for. Firstly we need to ensure that External Communication in Skype for Business should be enabled for both the domain where we are trying to communicate with. We need to ensure that the external communication is enabled on both the domain and we are allowing the external communication for both the domain.


Secondly we also need to ensure that we have the correct SIP address for the second user account to which we are trying to connect with. After sometime we would see presence unknown for the user