Welcome to the Call Analytics Preview!


Hi everyone,


Welcome to the Call Analytics Preview Program! This community board is for you to ask questions related to this program. Myself and the Call Analytics Program Manager @Mohamad Saleem are here to review and help you out! Looking foward to hearing from you!



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I get the same white page using Google Chrome but if you use Microsoft Edge or IE 11 works

Is this your case?





Thanks for your response, unfortunately no matter what combination I;ve tried it's still not working (for either Tennent). 


Windows 10 / Mac / Widnows server 2012R2, 


Chrome, IE, Edge, FireFox, Safari,



Personally, loads just fine in Chrome Version 58.0.3029.96 (64-bit), and Edge and IE11 on my Windos 10 machine.

This now seems to be working again on both tennants and it also appears to have been updated slightly.

Thanks for confirmation.

Hi Saranya & Mohamad,


I have a question about Trace Route (found under Call Analytics Overview --> Network --> (sub-header) Trace Route), and its relation to Average/Max Round Trip Time (found on same page, but under sub-headings Inbound Network & Outbound Network).


Scenario:  Under the Heading 'Outbound Network' - I am looking at a call with Average RTT = 150ms and Max RTT = 159ms.

Meanwhile, Under the Heading 'Trace Route' - I am seeing the maximum Round Trip Time listed for any of the several hops is 80ms.

My question is:  Can you please define the source/origin of the Round Trip Time entries in the Trace Route table?

Is it always the endpoint (so - with each incremental hop, the RTT is inclusive of the hop(s) before it)?

Or is it only representing the time between it and the previous hop?


I am suspecting the former, but want to confirm.


Thank you.

So, This is a bit unique and we are in fact tweaking the way this feature works in ACA. As soon as your traceroute hits the first ingress point of the "Microsoft Network", the final hop starts replying not that hop. Other hops, it will be the intervening hop itself replying, but once it reaches our side, it is the final hop replying.

Thanks Aaron.

The 'unique' workings are still a little fuzzy, but good to know it is still in development.  I will be keeping an eye on the evolution.

Cheers ~

Is there more details on how to understand the Analytics? I see person to person call for 18 minutes, it shows the call was dropped but there is no additional details.
I see audio sections of a conf call and the audio quality shows 'Unavailable ' Why isn't there details on the video or desktop sharing?
Love where this is going. much better than what we had before.

As the service exits private preview, I am hoping we can provide some guidance and clarity around these things through videos or blogs. I do not know yet if we've done that adequately.

is there an estimated time when it will be out of private preview or somewhere I can ask for more help with the details?
At the top, Mohammed was the best person to talk about or give clarity on this topic about when it'll come out.
Thanks for the tip!

Hi Gang,

@Mohamad Saleem is this channel still taking feedback?

I just saw this:



Edit June 7th 2017: We updated the link to the Call Analytics preview. It is now accessible to all Skype for Business Online customers


Should we still be seeing the Skype for Business Call Analytics (Preview) when we login?  (I am...)


I was going to ask for the ability to report on headset performance (like in Lync/Skype Monitoring Reports).


Ah... Now I see - missed this too.
So... "Open Preview" explains why I am still seeing it.
Thanks! :p

In that announcement's thread, there is this post from Thomas Binder:


"if you run into any product issues, please open a support ticket via teh Office 365 Admin portal. If you have thoughts on how to imporve the product, please log feedback via http://skypefeedback.com "


So, back to the original question:

Is this channel still taking feedback?

Hi John. Yes, please use https://www.skypefeedback.com/ for the feedbacks. Thanks!

I see that all tenant's get this preview now, which is awesome information by the way.  Is there anyway to increase the logging from 6 days to like 2 weeks or more?

I see that all tenant's get this preview now, which is awesome information by the way.  Is there anyway to increase the logging from 6 days to like 2 weeks or more?



I am looking to get information about meetings the dashboard shows and how many days back would the Call analytics dashboard go? is there a limit on the number of days or months data that the dashboard would show?


thank you,