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Stephen Renae
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I am using SfB OrgAA preview. I am attempting to set up auto attendant for my small business. I've subscribed to SfB PSTN and PBX for myself.  I can't afford to add all users to the preview in order to create something that might not be used in production for many months. Are there test accounts I can use to create a functional AA that I can swap for user accounts once OrgAA is fully implemented? Is there some other way to test without signing up the entire office? Regards

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Hello Stephen Have you Enrolled in preview with your production tenant or have you created a separate tenant for it? There may not be a way to provide test accounts under your production tenant, if you have licenses available in your production tenant then you can create test users for testing and later delete them and use your actual users with your AA once you are done with testing and are satisfied.
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