Skype Meeting Broadcast limitation concern

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Recently, we used broadcast  to create a new event on portal successfully and get a share link:


As a presenter, I joined this broadcast event with skype for business 2016 desktop client, we also can share this event with the other link in the meeting entry info page, the link is


Once attendees use this link to join the meeting, it will redirect to Skype for Business web app page and joined the meeting.


Here is my concern:

The maximum number of Skype for Business web app meeting participants who can anonymously join a meeting is 250, if attendees use link to join broadcast event,

the limitation is still 250 or 1,000?

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Share the link from the broadcast portal, when a user isn't part of the event team they will only be able to join as an attendee, and it supports at least 10,000 attendees.


They dont experience it through Skype, it's a livestream in their browser.