Skype for Business Online: dynamic conference IDs status?

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Based on this article, the dynamic conference IDs are in preview, but I don't see this on either the published SfB roadmap or on the website. Has this been released? What is the status? A customer is asking and is ready to start using this service, but requires dynamic conference IDs.

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Hi Corey,

dynamic conference IDs is complete and we are rolling it out in production to all tenants as we speak. The rollout started in September and is planned to complete by end of October.

Technical Preview for this feature ran between July and August, so this is why you can't find it on the site anymore :)

Please note that, for newly created tenants, dynamic conference IDs should be the default behavior. For already created tenants, you should expect to have the dynamic conf ID very soon.


You could speed up the process by creating a support ticket where you state you want to get dynamic conference IDs, that is if you can't wait for the roll-out.


/Kenneth ML


I was waiting patiently for our tenant to be update. Received a message in the admin message center on Oct 13 saying everything was on schedule to be completed by end of month. Nothing has happend, so I filed a support ticket. Been working with soemone and his team for 3 days now, spending way too much time in Powershell and testing different things. I cant get a straight answer whether our tenant was updated or not. Dying for an update as my users are banging on my door since I told them it would be good to go on November 1..


I already have a user asking if we can turn off Dynamic ID for them.  Do you know if it is possible to disable Dynamic ID on a user by user basis?  I am getting ready to open a MS Support Ticket and searching for PowerShell commands but I cannot find a way to do it from the Admin Portal.



I know it is usually frowned upon to reply to your own post but in this case it may be appropraite.

  According to MS Support you cannot set Conference ID to fixed for individual users.  You can only do for the whole tenant.  I even tried forcing the Conference ID using PaowerShell "Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser -Identity “FirstName LastName”  -ConferenceId 1234567" .   The command works and does not throw any error but the ConferenceId attribute in  Get-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser -Identity “FirstName LastName” returns 0, which I think means Dynamic.  I did post in the SkypeFeedback site to give option to set fixed ID for Individuals.

I Hope I can save others some time if they wanted to set fixed Conference ID.

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