Skype for Business AA Preview

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I received the following e mail on 11.21.16:


You have been selected to help us validate Cloud PBX Organizational Auto Attendant (Org AA)You will start seeing the configure option within the Skype for Business Admin Center within 2 business days.


When can I expect to see the OrgAA tab in my tenancy?

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Hi Stephen,


From our records, you are approved for Org AA and should be seeing this in your tenant. Please open up a support ticket via the support portal, and select Cloud PBX to get it routed appropriately.


Thank you. Do you mean the support portal within my O365 tenancy? If so, I am unable to submit a support ticket. I simply get a response to put in my phone number and someone will call me back.


Yes, this should be working correctly. I'll follow up with you offline to figure out what's going on.