Plan for call center ACD solutions?

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What is the plan for supporting call center ACD solutions with Skype for Business Online/Cloud PBX?  All we have heard is that this requires SfB on-prem or a hosted partner and this isn't available for SfB Online/Cloud PBX customers.

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I think it depends on what kind of ACD solution. There are ACD's which work with SfB Online as they work using a federation route or client/endpoint integration. The real question is when the proper SDK's are supported in Online and when the ACD's are going to use these.

well, as far as the plan, I suppose that depends on who you ask :)


when it comes to real ACD/CAll Center possibilities, we have some great partners that build awesome solutions. some of those solutions work with Office 365, some of them required an on-premises or hybrid solution.

as far as basic functionality such as Cloud PBX Auto Attendant and Call Queues, we are actively working on those in preview.


hope that helps!