Cloud PBX Org Auto Attendant & Call Queues

Simon Papworth
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Hi trying to get on to this public preview, I have been in the requested state for 14 days now - any idea how this should progress?

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Hi Simon,


We are working on onboarding customers over the next few weeks. As long as you have signed up on the portal, you will receive an email on next steps.


Hope this helps.

We're in a similar positon and eagerly awaiting!

Appreciate your patience! We've started onboarding customers already and we onboard them in phases. So long as you're signed up on the www.skypepreview.com portal and match the criteria, you will be notified on next steps.

I've been signed up for 30 days. Really excited to get rolling with this!

we signed up over 30days ago, no email received for "next steps" other than were reviewing it... it's a real basic feature that should've been ready on day 1 imo.

I understand your frustration.


We are onboarding customers in phases, as mentioned. Currently US cloud customers are being onboarded and hybrid customers will follow. Other regions will follow shortly after that.

Looks like the public preview for Cloud PBX org Auto Attendant & Call Queues is going to slip to yet another month. :( I've been holding out going with another provider, so I can have a real Cloud PBX (that is, one with an Auto Attendant). But looking like I can't wait much longer.

Hi Geoffrey,


We are in the same boat, have been using Zaplee with Skype, but at 14 people we need more features.


Which alternate suppliers are you looking at, cheeky to ask but I have been holding out for this now many months and I am getting some serious flak at work for it, however just can't make head nor tail of how to connect it to Cloud PBX easily.





Chomping at the bit here too - signed up for preview of AA since July 29th!
8/3 here as well... MS is missing out on all of our E5/PSTN subs until this comes online.

Saranya - I see you have a lot of eager new users to get onboarded.  Looking forward to it in the near term.


For everybody else, as Microsoft Partners, we utilize our internal use E3 licenses, and I added Cloud PBX and PSTN Calling licenses to my personal E3 license to demo the service first hand.  I absolutely love it.  It's been working flawlessly for months now using it with the Skype for Business client for Windows and the Skype for Business mobile app for iOS.  Our company is currently using Vonage for voice services/dial tone (VoIP) and we use Polycom VVX 600's as our desk phones.  I went ahead and flashed the firmware on my VVX 600 last week and connected it to my Office 365 account and it has been working just as flawlessly.  Setup was super easy as well and it interfaces miraculously with Office 365 (calendar, contacts, directories, etc.)  As soon as this auto-attendant feature goes live, if it performs just as well (or at least close as well) as the Skype for Business Cloud PBX and PSTN Calling have thus far, we're going to migrate our current Vonage services over to Microsoft, as well as that of our clients.  It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel.

I personally have an extensive background in telecom in conjunction with my IT skill sets, and can honestly say through experience that if all goes well with this auto-attendant role out, we will have "finally" achieved the "Holy Grail" in telecom.  I personally have been waiting a long time for this.  Come on Microsoft, make it happen!

I'm hearing that some users have been opened to the "Cloud PBX Org Auto Attendant & Call Queues (Public Preview)" and are using it. However, my invite, which I requested back in July, hasn't yet been accepted. I wish some could verify whether or not I have my tenant properly set up in order to qualify for this preview. I'm certain about the first two requirements, listed below. But the last one is confusing: I have users in distribution lists, but how can I set up my users in Distribution Lists for call distribution for every Call Queue if this preview feature (Call Queues) has not yet been made available to me? It seems like an impossible requirement...at least until my invite has been accepted. But according the requirements, I will not be accepted unless my users are set up with Call Queue, but I cannot set up Call Queues unless I'm first accepted to preview this new feature. This does not seem logical. Do I understand this requirement correctly? (My current setup is 100% Online...not a Hybrid). Qualifications - Active Office 365 Tenants with Cloud PBX - Either SfB Online and Hybrid tenant setup - Users, either Online or Hybrid, configured in Distribution Lists for call distribution for every Call Queue (50 users max for each Call Queue)

Hi @Geoffrey Plank, I've taken a look at your application and will follow up with you offline regarding its status for the Org AA program. Thanks.

I am in the same boat, although signed up a little bit later.  It would be fantastic if we could get approved for this. We recently moved to another cloud pbx provider, and  it's been a disaster.  I would love to be able to move our system entirely to Cloud PBX at some point in the near term, but really need to evaluate these features.  If there's anything that can be done to accelerate our acceptance, let me know!

Requested participation on 08/22/2016.


We have 60 users, Cloud PBX with on-premise CCE. We have been waiting for this as it means we don't have to put another IVR system in place, but after 3 months waiting we now possibly need to do this as management is getting frustrated.


Would be nice to get some indicitave timelines as to when we could expect to be accepted.



@Bill Hoffman I'll follow up with the status of your application offline.

We are in the same boat.  Eager to get started, but no communication.  Please check on the status of our application as well.



Thanks, Saranya, for following up with me about my situation.  You indicated that I have only three users and this is not enough to qualify for the Org AA Preview.  


However, may I point out that a minimum number of users is not listed a one of the qualifications on the Preview site (https://www.skypepreview.com). 


This is what is listed:



  • Active Office 365 Tenants with Cloud PBX 
  • Either SfB Online and Hybrid tenant setup
  • Users, either Online or Hybrid, configured in Distribution Lists for call distribution for every Call Queue (50 users max for each Call Queue)

So, from this description, three would be enough to qualify. If the description is incorrect, please tell me what the minimum is required to quality. 


Thank you,



I received the welcome email today. I have only 2 users wit PSTN currently, but this is because AA was not available and it would not have made sense to pay E5 licenses for everyone, plus cloud pbx licenses with our old provider. Either way, apparently applications with only 2 users were honored.

I realize this is a little old, but I have also applied and am eagerly awaying a response.  I am using this with a personal account and setup so I can test and learn more about it for my clients.  The company I work for is a Microsoft partner and I know many of my clients need the auto-attendant feature.  It would be very helpful if I was able to participate and I can add whatever is needed if my current account is not up to date.   I thought it might be helpful to reply here since it seems some had their accounts looked in to.



The onboarding efforts for Org AA are still underway, in stages. So long as you're signed up on the Preview Portal, you'll get an email for when you've been whitelisted. 



Any idea of when the Org AA will be available as either a feature or added service of Cloud PBX? Is my best bet on implementing Org AA to sign up for the skypepreview?

I signed us up for the preview of Org AA on 2/7 and have some concerns after reading some of the replies to this thread.


One person said that they were told that they don't have enough users to get accepted. Right now we only have three users with PSTN and Cloud PBX, but that is only because we are waiting for Org AA before we move the other 80 some odd users over.


Please let me know if there is anything I can do to ensure that our request gets approved.

The requirement for a larger # of users was for an earlier phase of onboarding for Org AA; we wanted to ensure we were testing with larger groups. We're now in the process of onboarding everyone else in phases, so please register on www.skypepreview.com and express interest in Org AA and Call Queues. Please also ensure that your tenant information is accurate; we've had some issues whitelisting tenants on account of this before.


Let me know if you have any further questions.

I can't speak to GA dates, but we're still onboarding customers for preview, so please sign up and express interest in Org AA. You will be notified for next steps.

I now have the AA and Call Queue preview. I think MS is going to have issues though if what they're telling me is correct. I have phone numbers for my locations that I had to create and assign to a user so I could use the team call group until this feature was available. Now they tell me I need a service number to use these features. That's fine except they tell me it could take a minimum of four days to convert those user numbers to a service number. I can't have my facilities without phone service that long. What will happen with a company that has a 100 numbers to convert? They can't expect businesses to change numbers that they have had at locations for years. Think of all the marketing and other brochures that have these numbers listed.

Thank you for the quick reply. I have registered, so hoping it comes through soon.

Curious to know about your experience with autoattendant so far. When we got stuck with Microsoft support on setup , (couldnt find a default UM Dial Plan, which meant there was no current documentation, so they couldn't support) I was also told that my intended use (a functional PBX like I thought we were buying) was not really what the preview was for, since the system was too unstable for real-world work. Any problems for you? 

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